Teatro Marinoni Artist Commune

Squat in Italy

Lido Island, Venice
May 8, 2015

This was truly a transitory trip. Tipped by off by our Berlin friend David Ramirez, Bill Angst and I managed to find this crazy creative collective housed in an abandoned hospital at the edge of the beach. Back in 1933 this area was used as a hospice for children suffering from TB. Now it has been taken over by artists who use the space to live, put on music events, paint, and create performance art. IMG_0530IMG_0406IMG_0578IMG_0598IMG_0538IMG_0407IMG_0371IMG_0417IMG_0357IMG_0400IMG_0521IMG_0369IMG_0385IMG_0460IMG_0528IMG_0585IMG_0363IMG_0434IMG_0503IMG_0495IMG_0416IMG_0510IMG_0359IMG_0412IMG_0494IMG_0474IMG_0397IMG_0483IMG_0525IMG_0354IMG_0395IMG_0341IMG_0358IMG_0553IMG_0564IMG_0547IMG_0368IMG_0472IMG_0456IMG_0459IMG_0327IMG_0454

At the squat we met artist Franco Losvizzero getting ready to perform his new piece called Olive-Alive just outside the main area of the Biennale. We decided to follow the troupe back to Venice.  All we were told was that this was a protest about the cutting down of the ancient olive trees.  The performance would feature Franco’s muse The White Rabbit and a forest of human trees.

IMG_0655IMG_0651 IMG_0639IMG_0661IMG_0677