Day Tripping

Hauser And Wirth Gallery

Somerset, Enlgand
April 24, 2105

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Studio Visit

Fiona Banner

April 23, 2015


Los Carpintaros

Cuban Cooperative

Parasol Unit, London
April 22, 2015

Installation view at Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art, 2015.

Photo: Jack Hems

Courtesy of Parasol unit

LC_installation view_4LC_installation view_12 LC_installation view_13 LC_installation view_10  LC_installation view_7 LC_installation view_6 LC_installation view_5  LC_installation view_3 LC_installation view_2


Et in Acradia Ego

Kendell Geers

The Margulies Collection in Miami
March 2015

IMG_8894 IMG_8892

Busura [Trash]

Yornel Martinez Elias

Havana, Cuba
March 2015